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In Case of Fire Wording Options

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What's the difference between the wording on these signs?

With the exception of the No Alarm signs and the Kitchen/Hotel/Apartment/Condominium options, these signs are broken down into 4 different wording sections with an optional 5th wording section.

Breakdown of In Case Of Fire sign wording sections

Here is How the Sections Work:

Section 1: Upon Discovery of a Fire

This section remains the same between the signs. This section gives instructions to follow in the event of discovering a fire.

Section 2: Elevators/No Elevators

This section changes among the different wording options. If your building has an elevator a sign can be selected with the wording "Do Not Use Elevator". If your building does not have an elevator there are sign options that leave this section blank.

Section 3: Alarm Type & Instructions

This section gives instructions for actions to take upon hearing a fire alarm. This section offers wording options for Single-Stage, Two-Stage, and Temporal Two-Stage alarms.

Section 4: Caution/Extended Caution

This section includes instructions for encountering smoke. This section can either give the instruction to find an alternative exit or it can be extended to give instructions for defending in place. 

Section 5: (Optional) False Alarm

This section is available with certain wording options. It includes consequences under the Criminal Code for a False Alarm.

Take a look at Safety Media's In Case of Fire Sign wording options:

Single Stage Alarm

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Temporal Two-Stage Alarm

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Options for Materials

Safety Media's In Case of Fire Signs are available in many different material options: