Access Tile Surface Applied

Explore our innovative collection of Access Tile® products, featuring the Ultimate Solution™ in Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI).

Engineered with advanced polymers and smart design features, these tiles offer the most cost-effective and replaceable solutions in the industry. Our Access Tile® Surface Applied indicators lead the market in durability, weather resistance, and wear, ensuring compliance with all Canadian Accessibility Codes including AODA, CSA, and ISO standards. Perfect for a variety of applications such as Curb Ramps, Vehicular Passage Ways, Parking Areas, Pedestrian Crossings, Escalator Approaches, Transit Platforms, and more. Tactile surface tiles are designed to enhance safety and convenience for individuals with visual impairments. Discover the difference with Access Tile®—where safety meets sophistication in tactile walking surface technology, making every public area accessible and compliant.

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