Cigarette Disposal Containers & Fireproof Apron


Smoking areas must be equipped with ashtrays or non-combustible covered receptacles for the disposal of waste. Our cigarette disposal containers will help you maintain a clean property and will reduce the hazard of a fire by ensuring people know where to dispose of their cigarettes. It also ensures the correct disposal of cigarettes to prevent fires from starting.

The smoker’s apron is intended to protect upholstery and the person who is smoking from cigarette burns and ash.

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  • Fireproof Apron

    Fireproof Apron

    This Smokers Apron designed to protect wheelchair upholstery and the smoker from cigarette burns and ash. Adult one size, 28" x 35".100% Fiberglass. To clean, sponge with clean water and mild soap or detergent.
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  • Free Standing Cigarette Disposal

    Free Standing Cigarette Disposal

    This Ground Cigarette Disposal is made of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors and includes a galvanized steel collection bucket inside. The design restricts oxygen to quickly extinguish burning butts. The top container removes easily to access...
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  • Stainless Steel Smoke-X Cigarette Disposal Box

    Stainless Steel Smoke-X Cigarette Disposal Box

    Our solid stainless steel Cigarette Disposal Box provides smokers a place to dispose of their cigarette butts as well as maintain a clean smoking area.Removable butt pan.Key-lock system.Slanted roof for protection from rain or snow and an easy-access...
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