Automatic Door Signs


Transform the way visitors interact with your building using Safety Media’s Automatic Door Signs. Our collection, including both signage and door stickers, is designed to clearly mark automatic doors, guiding occupants on their operation and urging caution. With options ranging from universal access symbols highlighting disability-friendly doors to customizable signs and caution automatic door stickers tailored to your building's unique requirements, we ensure seamless accessibility for everyone.

Choose from durable plastic signs or versatile 1-sided and 2-sided vinyl stickers. Our signage solutions, featuring automatic door symbols and caution automatic door signs, are customizable to fit your building's needs.

Our fire and life safety professionals are here to assist you in navigating these requirements, ensuring your signage, from automatic door signs to vinyl door stickers, not only meets legal standards but also boosts safety and accessibility of your building. Contact us today to explore our Automatic Door Signs and create a welcoming, accessible environment for every visitor.