Smoke Test Products

Ensure Occupant Safety with Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Testing from Safety Media. Regular testing of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is crucial for ensuring they effectively warn building occupants of these hazards. Safety Media's smoke testing products help verify that your smoke and carbon detectors are operating correctly and meet all fire and building code requirements.

Additionally, during a fire, controlling the spread of smoke and gas is vital for occupant safety. Safety Media offers specialized smoke control testing services for high-rise buildings. Please contact us for more information.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detector test spray

    Carbon monoxide (CO) detector test spray

    The need for carbon monoxide testers has increased in recent years, thanks to widespread media coverage focusing on the danger of CO, often referred to as the ‘silent killer’. More and more domestic properties – including rentals – now have carbon...
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  • Smoke Test Spray

    Smoke Test Spray

    This smoke test spray is used for testing smoke detectors and alarms. 2.6 oz. aerosol (100% ozone-safe) can. Smoke Centurion™ is a new aerosol tester for checking the functionality of smoke detectors. Designed to test the widest possible range of smoke...
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  • Smoke Cartridge/Emitter

    Smoke Cartridge/Emitter

    These Smoke Cartridge/Emitters is used to study make up and exhaust air, smoke stacks, etc., or to leak test duct work, pipelines, tanks, stair wells etc. Easy to handle and non-explosive. 2,500 cubic feet smoke volume. 4 minute burn time. ...
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