Tactile Wayfinding Solutions

Tactile Wayfinding Solutions at Safety Media - your one-stop for creating inclusive, navigable environments compliant with AODA, CSA, and ISO.
Designed to meet the stringent requirements of Canadian Accessibility Codes, these tactile wayfinding solutions facilitate safe and independent navigation for the visually impaired in public spaces. Access Tile Surface Applied offers easy-to-install tiles that provide crucial directional guidance and spatial mapping through raised textures. On the other hand, our Photoluminescent Stair Nosing features glow-in-the-dark capabilities, enhancing visibility and safety in low-light conditions. Both solutions are engineered to withstand Canadian weather extremes & heavy footfall. Customize your choice with various colors, sizes, and materials. Embrace the future of public accessibility with Safety Media's durable, legally compliant tactile wayfinding solutions, empowering all users to move confidently through any environment.

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