Eyewash Stations & Accessories

Eyewash Stations & Accessories


Ensure safety and ANSI compliance by providing eyewash stations to workers in your facility. We offer many different eyewash stations and equipment that meet ANSI standard Z358.1-2014 – Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equipment Standard. This standard establishes the minimum performance requirements for eyewash and shower equipment for the emergency treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to injurious materials. 

ANSI recommends a comprehensive annual inspection of the facility to evaluate modified work space, assess new hazards introduced into the area and to identify fixtures needing replacement or repair (Sections 4.6.5, 5.5.5, 6.5.5, 7.5.5, We offer eyewash inspection tags and testers to ensure compliance with this standard. We also offer paperless building compliance management through our C2020 platform

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