Classroom & On-Site Training

Classroom & On-Site Training

Safety Media has an extensive fire and life safety training program that includes custom, in-person, on-site and online training. Some of the important topics we cover in our training programs include:

  • Proper inspection of the fire protection equipment within the building
  • Understanding fire extinguisher types & how to use them
  • Recognizing important points of fire safety planning & prevention
  • And more!

Our fire safety training programs include:

  • Fire Safety Plans, Equipment, Maintenance & Log Books
  • Practical Fire Safety Training & Logging
  • Fire Safety Plan Training – Fire Wardens & Designated Persons
  • Fire Safety Plan Training – Residents

Our fire extinguisher training and equipment maintenance training sessions are also available on our Youtube channel- at no cost! These videos are best used in conjunction with our logbooks.

Please contact us or with your questions about our training programs, and to schedule your customized training. 

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