OTM Signs

OTM Signs


Our OTM road signs are created specifically in accordance with Ontario’s Traffic Manual. An integral aspect of choosing traffic & parking signs is reflectivity. All regulatory signs (except parking signs located in illuminated areas) are required to be either reflectorized or accompanied by sources of illumination to ensure legibility on many different days and night conditions. Reflectance is the amount of light reflected from a sign, relative to the amount of light shining on the sign.

There are 6 different retro-reflective grades defined by ASTM D4956-09. Provincial and Municipal Traffic Manual Standards are all based on this standard. The most common types are as follows:

  • Type 1: Engineering Grade which is generally used for private property applications.
  • Type 3: Ultralite Grade which is generally used for municipal roads
  • Type 8: Crystal Grade which is generally used for highway applications

We offer Retro reflective sheeting which meets or exceeds the ASTM D4956-09 defined sheeting types.

Learn more, read the OTM Signs article to uncover the full potential of our regulatory traffic signs.

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