Designated Smoking Area Signs

Designated Smoking Area Signs

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According to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, designated areas may be available to employees who smoke. Requirements often include that the room be:

  • clearly identified to the workforce by signs or other effective means
  • provided with a separate, non-recirculating exhaust ventilation system, if indoors
  • a safe outdoor location, or room structurally separated from other work or break areas
  • equipped with ashtrays or non-combustible covered receptacles for the disposal of waste

Our smoking permitted signage allows you to indicate an area where people are allowed to smoke. This signage helps to ensure there is no confusion surrounding where people are allowed to smoke and ensures areas that are meant to be smoke-free remain so. Please contact our fire and life safety professionals via phone, email or webchat with any questions about or signs or to request a custom sign!

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