Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plan Banner Image. Fire safety plan binder on a white background

The Ontario Fire Code requires a Fire Safety Plan for many most large buildings & multi-unit residential buildings. A Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective maintenance of fire safety systems/equipment and procedures to prevent & protect people from fire.

Safety Media Fire Safety Plans meet the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code.

Our Fire Safety Plans Include:

  • Building and Resource Audit
  • Emergency Procedures and fire extinguishment
  • Control of Fire Hazards
  • Appointment of responsibilities of building owners, property managers, building maintenance staff & contractors
  • Evacuation of persons requiring assistance
  • Fire Drill Procedures
  • Maintenance procedures for fire protection systems and alternate measures for life safety
  • Building Schematics
  • Appendices: including fire watch, fire alarm activation and reset procedures, elevator operating instructions, tenant fire safety handouts

When you order a fire safety plan for Safety Media, you will receive a fire department approved paper copy of the plan along with PDF format electronic versions.

Safety Media's Fire Safety Plans include a comprehensive site visit and a commitment to complete the plan with no additional or hidden costs.

Please call or email to get details and a customized quote for your particular building.