Log Books - US Editions

Ensure the safety of your building occupants and staff, and maintain compliance with applicable standards and codes using Safety Media's American Logbooks. These logbooks are guided by NFPA standards, providing a reliable reference for your maintenance and inspection routines. Our NFPA-based Fire Equipment Maintenance Logbook (FLB291US) is reviewed and updated annually based on changes in NFPA standards, regulations, and customer feedback. Each of our Fire Logbooks provide detailed summaries of the necessary maintenance steps and requirements for all standard building equipment, simplifying your fire and life safety compliance processes.

For an even more streamlined approach, explore our new online digital reporting and compliance tool C20/20 Compliance Management Software. This innovative solution is designed to meet the unique needs of your building. Contact us for more information.

  • Fire Log Book 291, US Edition

    Fire Log Book 291, US Edition

    This nationally accepted log book has over 140 pages of forms to record all your fire protection equipment maintenance duties. Specifications: Language: US Edition, English. Size: 8.5"W x 11"H, 145 pages. This book is very easy to use in the...
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  • Two Year Fire Log Book, American

    Two Year Fire Log Book, American

    For low-rise buildings. Includes forms for all in-house maintenance procedures for fire alarm, sprinkler, standpipe, emergency lighting, and/or fire extinguishers. Emergency power systems (generators) are not included in this book. Sufficient forms for 2...
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