Fire Hose Reversed Sticker, 20 x 20"

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20"W x 20"H. Translucent reversed vinyl self-adhesive sticker. Stick this "etched glass" looking sticker on the inside of your Fire Hose Cabinet's clear glass door, revealing the hose contents through the clear lettering "FHC" and "fire hose for use by trained persons only". Made to fit most hose cabinets, simply center the sticker on the glass, either leaving a border of glass around the sticker or trimming at the glass edge for smaller doors.

This is an Ontario Fire Code requirement: (1) Except as required in Sentence (2), each hose connection in a standpipe system shall be provided with a legible sign reading: "FIRE HOSE FOR USE BY TRAINED PERSONS ONLY". (2) Each hose connection in a dry standpipe system with no permanent water supply shall be provided with a legible weatherproof sign reading: "DRY STANDPIPE FOR FIRE DEPARTMENT USE ONLY". (see SI09SD below for Sentence 2 wording).
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