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Ecoglo Accessible Exit & Egress

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What is Photoluminescence?

Photoluminescence is light emission after the absorption of energy, normally created by light.

Safety Media’s photoluminescent signs are made from strontium aluminate crystals. When exposed to light energy (either natural or artificial) the crystals are charged and undergo a convention process which enables them to re-emit energy.

This provides significant benefits during emergency blackout and evacuation situations, as it clearly identifies the path of egress.

                     Photoluminescent Exit Sign         Photoluminescent Running Person Exit Sign         Ecoglo Step Edge Pathmarking strips         Photoluminescent Exit Sign


Signs require exposure to at least 54lux (5 foot-candles) of fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapour or other 4000K light illumination for a minimum of 60 minutes to become fully operational. Light equal to or in excess of 54lux must fall on the face of the sign during building occupancy. This is a requirement at tread level under most building codes.

Environmental Benefits

Our photoluminescent products recycle natural and artificial light. We also use recycled aluminum. All products are non-toxic, non-radioactive and avoid maintenance costs. They are designed to last for 25 years. Ultimately, these signs are recyclable as well!

With no electricity or battery required, all of our photoluminescent signage conform to the Ontario Building Code - CAN/ULC-S572 - “Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Signs and Path marking Systems".


More Information


Standard Photoluminescent Exit Sign

The Ecoglo ® RM Standard Series Photoluminescent Exit Signs are the favoured solution to ensuring that your facility is equipped with the safest backup technology in an emergency.


Hybrid Exit Sign

The Hybrid Exit Sign Series is the no-compromise solution for exit signage incorporating the safest backup technology and sophisticated design.


Hybrid Running Man Exit Sign

The integration of patented Ecoglo® photoluminescence and next-generation LED technology ensures code compliance in any lighting condition and without the requirement for battery or generator back-up.