Current Photoluminescent Standards & Codes

Safety Media Inc. - Photoluminescent Standards & Codes


The following is a list of Standards & Codes that Safety Media's Plastic Photoluminescent Products MEET or EXCEED:
DIN 67510-1 Luminance measurement of photoluminescent products
DIN 53438 Part 2 / Part 3 Flammability - Reaction to an open flame
DIN 53387-1-D-X Weathering - Resistance against color change during testing
DIN 53387-2-F Radiation - Resistance against any visible change
DIN 50021-SS Salt Spray Test - Resistance against any visible change
DIN 74069 ph 6.2.3 Reaction against chemical liquid - Submersion in petrol
DIN 30646 ph 4.6 Reaction against liquids - Submersion in lye
DIN 30646 Holding power of the adhesive layer - PSA tensil test
ASTM 162 Surface flammability using a radiant heat energy source
ASTM 648 Critical radiant flux
ASTM 662 Specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials
SMP 800C Bombardier toxic gas collection
IMO Resolution A.752(18) Guidelines for the evaluation, testing and application of low location lighting on passenger ships
ISO 15370 Low location lighting on passenger ships
MIL-L-3891B Luminescent material and equipment (non-radioactive) (Has been replaced by ASTM E 2030-99, ASTM E 2072-00, ASTM E 2073-00)
ASTM E 2072-04 Standard specification for photoluminescent safety markings
ASTM E 2073-04 Standard test method for photopic luminance of photoluminescent markings
ASTM E 2030-04 Guide for recommended uses of photoluminescent safety markings
APTA SS-PS-004-99, Rev. 1 Standard for low location exit path markings
APTA SS-PS-002-98, Rev. 2 Standard for emergency signage for egress/access of passenger rail equipment
JIS Z 9100 Japanese Industrial Standard for Safety Signs
PSPA Classifications Class C


We EXCEED the current ASTM Standard:


ASTM Standard Safety Media's Photoluminescent
10.0 min. 20.0 mcd/m2 181.0 mcd/m2

60.0 min.

2.8 mcd/m2 27.7 mcd/m2

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