No Smoking & Smoking Signs


No Smoking Signs - What You Need to Know

Is your building smoking signage up to date? There have been significant changes to public smoking regulations across the country following the legalization of recreational cannabis in each province, with varying similarities to regulations concerning tobacco consumption and vaping.

Rules for Indoor Spaces 

No Smoking is regulated by the Country, State/Province and City.  

For example, in Ontario, if you are an employer, business owner or property manager of an enclosed workplace, an enclosed public place or other smoke-free and vape-free places as described in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017, you must post enough of the individual or combined (tobacco/e-cigarette) signs at each entrance, exit and washroom. By posting the signs, you ensure that employees and the public know that they cannot smoke tobacco or cannabis (medical or recreational) or vape anything in that location. 

Example: Toronto Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces

The Toronto Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces Municipal Bylaw dictates that:

Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 709 (Smoking), in Toronto, Smoking is prohibited within 9 metres of an entrance or exit of any building that is used by the public and violators can be fined $5000. 

To enforce the bylaw, building owners/operators are required to:

  • Post no-smoking signs, as described in the bylaw, at building entrances and exits. 
  • Move ashtrays away from smoke-free areas

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