Restroom Signs

Identify restrooms in your building with Safety Media's comprehensive range of Washroom Signs. Our signage displays clear symbols for men’s, women’s, all-gender, and accessible restrooms. Each sign is crafted to comply with AODA (Accessibility For Ontarians with Disabilities Act) & ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), featuring:  

  • Raised text & braille;
  • Sans-serif font;
  • High contrast between background & text/graphics;
  • Upper case letters for ADA compliance and mix of upper & lower case letters for AODA requirements;
  • International symbol of access.

Our signs are available in various materials and wording options and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your building. Additionally, we provide custom signage solutions to ensure compliance with unique building and safety regulations. Leveraging our extensive expertise in compliance and safety signage, we also offer guidance on stairwell signage specifications, including size, font, material choices, Braille requirements, and optimal placement. For more information or personalized advice, contact us.