Photolum Running Man Exit Pathmarking Signs

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These Glow-in-the-Dark Exit Pathmarking signs, when exposed to light energy (either natural or artificial), are getting charged and re-emit the light. This provides significant benefits during emergency blackouts and evacuation situations.


  • Size: 8"W x 9"H.
  • 9 Arrow Directions are available, including:
    1. Down-Left Arrow
    2. Down-Right Arrow
    3. Left Arrow
    4. Up Arrow - Running Man Faces Left
    5. Right Arrow
    6. Down Arrow
    7. Up Arrow - Running Man Faces Right
    8. Up-Left Arrow
    9. Up-Right Arrow
  • Material: Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) plastic. Durable, non-electrical, non-toxic, non-radioactive, explosion-proof, minimal installation and maintenance expense, washable.
  • Easy installation: Two-sided tape on reverse.
  • Not UL/ULC listed
These Photoluminescent Plastic material meets the following standards:
  • In Canada, ULC S572
  • In United States, UL924
  • ASTM E2073, Standard Test Method for Photopic Luminance of Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Markings
  • DIN 67510 Part 1, Phosphorescent Pigments and Products: Measurement and identification by the manufacturer.
  • ISO 17398:2004 Clause 7.11, Safety Colours and Safety Signs - Classification, Performance, and Durability of Safety Signs.

The video below shows a 60-minute test of Kinesik's Ecoglo photoluminescent material compared to electrical emergency lighting:

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