Anti-Slip Floor Decal Pedestrian Traffic Control Right Turn Arrow

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Manage Pedestrian Traffic in Your Facility - Designed for Busy Locations

The Anti-Slip Floor Decal Pedestrian Traffic Control Right Turn Arrow is protected by an anti-slip cover overlaminate to minimize the risk of damage and the impact of regular cleaning in the building. Use only on hard, smooth surfaces, to reduce the risk of personal injury.

Installation instructions:
  1. Layout the location of the arrows so that they are easily visible for a Pedestrian to follow your intended direction.
  2. Ensure that the floor is clean and dry - the cleaner the better for the adhesion of the decal.
  3. Remove the backing of the decal, and place it as per 1
  4. Apply pressure to ensure adhesion to the floor - Use a squeegee or other soft material to wipe away any bubbles that may appear.
All materials are manufactured by 3M.
The overlaminate provides a skid-resistant walking surface. Anti-slip properties have been tested according to DIN 51130 ard are specified for slip resistance group R9/V.
The expected performance for this product is 12 months when used on an indoor floor. Should the decal get damaged, remove it and replace it with a new decal. Attempting to repair damaged decals may create a trip hazard.

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