Floor Graphic Cover/Protectant Sticker

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Use this Floor Graphic Cover/Protectant Sticker to cover, protect and make your floor graphic sticker/decal anti-slip. This cover sticker is designed for long-lasting and extremely durable coverage and is to be applied over Safety Media's stocked 11" x 11" Floor Graphic/Decal Stickers (SIF products). With this cover/protectant sticker, your floor message is durable enough to be used in a warehouse with machinery rolling over it, while adding an anti-slip quality to the message.

Easy application: Simply clean the floor area that you are going to apply your Floor Graphic/Decal Sticker, remove any chipping or rough spots (the smoother and cleaner the floor surface, the longer these stickers will last), lay your sticker onto the floor and then next lay this cover/protectant sticker centred on top of your sticker.

This sticker is stocked as a specific size to cover our stock stickers (11.75" x 11.75"), however we can cut this durable floor coverage sticker to your exact size specifications. Please call 1-800-420-9737 to order your specific size.

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