Bilingual Fire Hose Signs

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Starts at $6.18

Install these Bilingual Fire Hose Signs on the inside or outside of the hose cabinet door.

  • Materials:
    • Clear Reversed Vinyl Sticker.
    • Clear Vinyl Sticker.
    • White Vinyl Sticker.
    • Brushed Aluminum.
    • Gold Aluminum.
  • Size: 6"W x 4"H.
  • Colour of the letters: Black or Red.
This is an Ontario Fire Code requirement: (1) Except as required in Sentence (2), each hose connection in a standpipe system shall be provided with a legible sign reading: "FIRE HOSE FOR USE BY TRAINED PERSONS ONLY". (2) Each hose connection in a dry standpipe system with no permanent water supply shall be provided with a legible weatherproof sign reading: "DRY STANDPIPE FOR FIRE DEPARTMENT USE ONLY".

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