Classroom & On-Site Training

Safety Media offers an extensive fire and life safety training programs, available both in-person and online. Our customized training covers essential topics such as:

  • Proper inspection of the fire protection equipment within the building;
  • Understanding different types of fire extinguishers & how to use them;
  • Recognizing critical aspects of fire safety planning & prevention, and more!

Our Fire Safety Training Programs include:

  • Fire Safety Plans, Equipment, Maintenance & Log Books;
  • Practical Fire Safety Training & Logging;
  • Fire Safety Plan Training for Fire Wardens & Designated Persons;
  • Fire Safety Plan Training for Residents.

Additionally, we provide free fire extinguisher training and equipment maintenance sessions on our YouTube channel. These videos are designed to complement the use of our logbooks effectively. For more information or to schedule your customized training, please contact us. We’re here to answer any questions you have about our training programs.

  • The Fire Extinguisher Training Video DVD

    The Fire Extinguisher Training Video DVD

    This video is now available on online at no cost. If you wish to purchase a DVD copy of the video, please add to your shopping cart using the link above.This comprehensive training video is an essential tool for Health & Safety Coordinators, Property...
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  • Practical Fire Safety Training Program

    Practical Fire Safety Training Program

    This training course teaches key maintenance and operational procedures and functions of building fire protection equipment and how it applies to your building.Course is perfect for: Building Managers, Facility Managers, Maintenance Engineers,...
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