Fire Retardant Spray

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This is versatile, broad spectrum, odorless, colorless, multi-use, penetrating, Class "A" fire retardant (For interior use only). This pre-mixed product is Easy to use, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic and offers superior fire-retardant protection.

Available in 1 Quart with Spray, or 1 Gallon

UL Classified Inspecta-Shield assures a quality controlled, invisible fire retardant ideally suited for economical commercial treatments of:

  • Natural fibers
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Wooden building materials (lumber, etc.) and other wood products
  • Upholstery
  • Carpeting
  • Draperies
  • Decorative Products
  • Paper
  • Displays
  • Stage curtains
  • Mattresses
  • And much, much more...
  • Advantages over other fire retardants:

    • U.L. Classified Listing No. 79P1
    • Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic
    • Treats both natural and synthetic materials, as well as lumber and wood products.
    • Meets or exceeds governmental criteria for a Class “A” Fire Retardant on most materials.
    • Durable: will not wear off under normal use and normally will withstand numerous dry cleanings. Allows fibers to breathe.
    • Sun-Shield, a UV stabilizer, drastically reduces sun fading and sun rot, increasing decorating options and fabric life.
    • Visible only under long wave UV light.
    • Odorless and colorless.
    • Treated items maintain tensile strength.
    • Leaves no uncomfortable residue or unsightly salt rings after treatment.
    • Non-corrosive to metal when dry.
    • Ready to use: no mixing required (Quality Control).
    • Economical
    • Inspecta-Shield applications will not prevent charring, but treated items will not support ignition.

    INSPECTA-SHIELD® Meets and exceeds all requirements to be rated as a fire-retardant by Federal, State, and locally acknowledged testing procedures. All specifications and suggestions appearing on the product's labels concerning the use of our product are based upon tests and data believed to be reliable. For commercial use only. Not recommended for exterior use. Independent testing standards have proven that Inspecta-Shield provides unsurpassed fire-retardant protection and has been recognized by Fire Code Officials across the United States. Coverage rates shall be followed as recommended by the manufacturer and which have been established through independently recognized testing facilities and UL test criteria guidelines.

    Fabric Coverage Rate Per Gallon:

    • Cotton & Silks - 600 square feet per gallon
    • Nylons, Polyester, Rayons, Olefins & Blends - 500 square feet per gallon
    • White Pine coverage rate - 300 square feet per gallon

    Correct Application rates should be established by a thorough series of evaluations before commercial scale treatment. Application rates may vary with weight, density and the building code for which treated materials are intended to comply with.It is recommended that all items to be treated should be tested for: Flammability, acceptance, color fastness (dye running), general texture, shrinkage and appearance (i.e. a shiny fabric could be dulled). Make all tests on a scrap or in an inconspicuous area.

    What is a Class "A" Fire Retardant? The American Society for the Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are two nationally recognized organizations, which have developed flamability tests, setting standards of flammability. On a scale of 0 – 200 (least to most), only those materials with a flame spread of under 25 qualify as a “Class A” Fire Retardants.

    Is Inspecta-Shield safe to use?Yes! It’s very simple. Carefully spray Inspecta-Shield with a small lightweight sprayer, being sure to cover all exposed surfaces. As soon as Inspecta-Shield is completely dry, it works! After application is completed, fill out and sign the application for certificate of flame resistance form enclosed with the product and return it to N.Y. Fire-Shield. Upon satisfactory review, your Certificate of Flame resistance will be issued.

    How often does Inspecta-Shield need to be reapplied? Inspecta-Shield is extremely durable and will not wear off under normal use and normally will withstand numerous dry cleanings. However, there can be a slight loss of Inspecta-Shield in washing. Reapplication is recommended after washing to maintain flame retardancy.

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