French Kitchen Alarm In Case of Fire Signs

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1 unit
$3.20 - $21.45

This French In Case of Fire Sign is used in kitchens. This sign gives instructions to follow in the event of kitchen fire emergency and includes suppression, evacuation and alarm instructions. This sign is available in the following materials and options:

Vinyl Sticker Features include:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Can be applied to practically any flat, clean, dry surface

White Plastic Features include:

  • Made from lightweight and durable plastic
  • White plastic option has red lettering
  • Double-sided tape on back for mounting

Accessible White Plastic Features include:

  • QR code linking to web page with audible instructions (simple language English and multiple languages)
  • Braille "Fire procedures scan QR code"
  • Raised border around QR code for easier tactile discovery
  • Double-sided tape on back for mounting

Silver Aluminum Features include:

  • Decorative signs
  • They are the perfect option for maintaining your building’s interior design aesthetic while also maintaining building occupant safety
  • Double-sided tape on back for mounting

Select your material using the product selector above. For white plastic, select whether you would like it to be accessible.

This video demonstrates some of the features of the sign: Click Here

Proudly manufactured in North America by Safety Media.

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