Tactile Signs With Letters, Numbers and a Circle

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These signs consist of a Plastic Plaque With Raised (Tactile) Numbers and Letters and a Circle around up to three letters assembled to meet your specifications. Most frequently they are used for floor numbering or floor and stairwell identification as required under the local building/fire code. Floor and Stairwell Idenification markers are tactile (raised letters/numbers) signs that are used to identify the Floors within Stairwells as per the local building codes.


  • The raised (tactile) letter or number is plastic with a bevelled edge and is approximately 2.75""H (69.9 mm) x 0.04""D (1 mm).
  • The raised (tactile) circle is plastic with a bevelled edge and is approximately 5.5" (140 mm) x 0.04"D (1 mm) for upto two letters. For more letters in the circle, please contact customer service directly.
  • Each sign is made with your choice of number/letter combination with our many in-stock numbers, letters and circles. Call for more details if you have other special requirements.
  • The base is nominally either 6" (152 mm) (up to 2 letters in the circle) or 8" (203 mm) (3 letters in the circle) high and the width will vary depending upon the quantity of numbers or letters required.
  • All signs are equipped with strong double-sided tape for ease of installation. particularly in stairwells.
  • When ordering online indicate your specific requirements in the space provided.

The material options include:

  • Photoluminescent Plastic with Black Letters and Numbers
  • Brushed Silver Plastic with Black Letters and Numbers
  • Weather Resistant White Plastic with Black Letters and Numbers
  • Weather Resistant Black Plastic with White Letters and Numbers

As these signs are custom assembled to meet your specifications, returns are not accepted.

This sign meets the requirements for the OBC 1992, O. Reg. 305/03 as used in the City of Ottawa as well as OBC

  1. NUMBERS (Arabic) indicating the assigned floor number and
  2. UPPER CASE LETTERS indicating the designation assigned to each exit stair shaft shall:
    (a) be mounted permanently on each side of doors to exit stair shafts,
    (b) be not less than 60 mm high, raised approximately 0.7 mm above the surface
    (c) be located 1 500 mm from the finished floor, and
    (d) be contrasting in colour with the surface to which they are applied.
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