Website Redesign Highlights


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As the leading provider of Fire and Life Safety Essentials, we have continued to evolve based on your changing needs and realities in today’s world. Our professional services and training have been expanded to support your compliance needs. We have introduced new health and safety products and enhanced our language offerings. Our compliance management software has been further developed and upgraded to help save you time and money with your compliance needs. Additionally, we have simplified our custom ordering process for signs and can now turn custom signs from concept to delivery even more quickly! 

One of our biggest projects has been to enhance our website which will be launched soon.

The key to this improvement is to provide you with a website that is easier and faster for you to find the information, resources, products and services for your fire and life safety compliance needs.
Here are some of the highlights:

Computer, phone, tablet iconsEasy-To-Use Interface 

Log on using your email address, to find an intuitive interface that allows you to easily chose and manage your account, look at previous orders, and manage your billing and shipping addresses.

Location iconsFlexible Address Management

A major advantage of our new website is the ability for you to more easily control and manage your own shipping and billing addresses. When you log on, you will find up to 8 addresses (billing and/or shipping) from your most recent orders.

search.pngUpgraded Search

The new search engine looks across all of the pages on the website and presents back information from all sections of the website.  In the banner image above, we searched for “fire safety” and you can see that the site is able to display popular suggestions, product categories, informational resources, and specific products.  Or you can simply look at one of the products that your search brings up. 

chat.pngEasier Access to Chat

Our chat box has been moved to the top of the page, where it is much easier to find.  Our Customer Service Agents are available through chat during regular business hours.

Fire extinguisherProducts

For your convenience, our new site will initially have the same product suites as our existing site.  Check back frequently, as we continuously add and upgrade our product offerings.

smart-phone.pngMore Mobile-Friendly

Our website is more mobile-friendly than ever so that you can order necessary building compliance products and services and receive help from customer service from anywhere. 

Transitioning to the New Platform

We have transferred your account information from the old website. On the new website, your online account identification is your email address. This is linked in the back end with your Company Information, including your terms and your currency.
After the transition, when you first log on, you will be required to change your password.  Simply click on “Forgot Password” on the login page and enter your email address.  A password reset link will be immediately sent to you.

While we have put every effort into moving everything over as seamlessly as possible, should you find or see anything on our site that is incorrect, please let us know and we'll correct it right away.
As always if you have questions or concerns, please contact customer service via phone, email or webchat. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to be your choice for fire and life safety essentials.