Stair Nosing

Advanced Compliance: Exceeding Building Code Standards in Stair Visibility and Safety. Enhance the safety and visibility of your stairways with comprehensive range of Stair Nosing Products. Our category includes innovative solutions like Photoluminescent Step Edge Contrast Strips and Luminescent Handrail Strips, which utilize advanced photoluminescent technology to provide crucial visibility and egress enhancement in all lighting conditions. These products are charged by natural or artificial light and glow brightly in power outages, ensuring safe navigation during emergencies. Additionally, our Stair Nosing with Non-Slip Contrast Strips boosts stairway safety by providing high visibility and durable anti-slip resistance. Each product is designed with premium materials to ensure longevity and compliance with safety standards, providing a reliable, zero-energy solution to improve stair safety in both new constructions and retrofit projects.

There are no products listed under this category.