WHMIS Boxes & Accessories

WHMIS safeguards workers by ensuring they have access to critical information they need to protect themselves from overexposure or misuse of hazardous materials. The 3 key elements of WHMIS that protect workers are:

1. Labels. Supplier labels are required to be provided by suppliers when hazardous materials are being purchased from them. Workplace labels are provided by employers and ensure that hazardous material in the workplace is labeled with the information required by the applicable laws. 

2. Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). More comprehensive than labels, Safety Data Sheets provide detailed information about a chemical, including its storage, usage, handling, and emergency procedures.

3. WHMIS Training & Education. WHMIS training is essential for the safety of Canadian workers who work with hazardous materials. Workers should have general WHMIS training as well as training that is specific to the workplace. 

Safety Media's WHMIS boxes help to identify your building’s hazardous material information for staff and emergency crews, ensuring they know how to handle emergencies involving hazardous chemicals. Contact us with any questions about your WHMIS box requirements.